Aliens is one of the most epic sci-fi sequels ever made. But leave it to the Screen Junkies to make an Honest Trailer and trash the entire movie into oblivion.

Taking place 57 years after Alien, Aliens sees the return of Elle Ripley from cryogenic sleep. The Honest Trailer quickly points out Aliens wasn’t better than the original, but it is bigger and has many more xenomorphs that were killed surprisingly easily. It was the usual sequel that is much louder than its predecessor.

Ripley is one of the greatest heroines of all time, but she’s also quickly dismissed throughout the movie and is never taken seriously. Making matters worse, she’s backed-up by the Colonial Space Marines who prove to be quite useless when confronting the deadly xenomorphs.

Speaking of xenomorphs, a deadly race of space Aliens that is supposed to be the most kick-ass creature in the galaxy, they’re killed literally by any sort of weapon. Big-ass futuristic guns, assault rifles, fire, tiny little shotguns, (regular hand) guns and extra slow robot punches all do the job without any issue. The xenomorphs didn’t put up much of a fight this time around.

Aliens basically took the best parts of the Alien, including the same exact ending, and made it much bigger in a quintessential sequel. Great job, James Cameron.

The latest Honest Trailer episode is another home run for Screen Junkies. You can check it out down below before you go watch Alien: Covenant.