One of the most intriguing characters leading up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the chromed-out Captain Phasma. She ended up being a huge let-down with nearly no screen time, lines or purpose.

That looks to be changing in The Last Jedi, but before it even arrives, we’ll find out more of her origin story in the character’s standalone novel by Delilah Dawson, Phasma. A small excerpt of the novel was published on Star, and it reveals some interesting tidbits of the commander of the First Order, primarily her upbringing.

Phasma grew up on the primitive planet of Parnassos where she was a scavenger, much like Rey. A part of the Scyre tribe, it competes with other clans to gather materials to sell with the intention of one day leaving the planet.

One day, Phasma’s fortunes changes when a stranger comes to town. Brendol Hux, the father of General Hux, crash lands on the planet after his ship was shot down by an automated defense system. His escape pod lands far from his wrecked ship and thus needs help to return to it.

He engages in conversation with the people of Parnassos, revealing he has scoured the galaxy for the greatest warriors and recruits them to maintain the peace of the First Order. Whoever helps him out he will give technology far more advanced than what’s available in Parnassos and will also be welcomed to join him.

Among the crowd comes Phasma, taking off her red mask, and declares: “I am Phasma, and I am the greatest warrior of Parnassos. I will help you find your ship.”

From the short excerpt we find out the Phasma was already a great warrior before she joins the First Order and some backstory of the First Order’s recruitment. It also gives us some insight into how General Hux came into a position of power. It’ll be interesting how many of these points make their way into the character development of Captain Phasma and other characters in The Last Jedi.

You can find out more when Phasma goes on sale September 1 for Force Friday II. It’s part of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi publishing program.

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