At the onset of Mario Day, which takes place March 10 (MAR10, get it?), Nintendo is teaming up with Google Maps to let you race around as Mario while dodging traffic like it’s an incoming red shell. Google is bringing the feature to the Android and iOS Google Maps apps, as drivers can become Mario starting today.

When you select a destination, a yellow “?” will appear next to the start button for directions, letting you enable Mario Time, as Google is calling the feature. Once enabled, instead of being a blue arrow, you will now be Mario in his trustee go kart ala Mario Kart.

But wait, there’s more; a hidden easter egg is also available. If you tap on the “?” 100 times, you will hear the 1-UP sound like in the games. Now that’s pretty neat.

Google has made it a habit of incorporating lovable entities into its mapping solution. Back in 2015, it let drivers become TIE fighters or X-Wings ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And just last year, it added an impromptu game of Pac-Man into maps, turning neighborhood streets into dot-filled mazes.

You can now include Mario in that impressive list. Mario Time for Google Maps will be available for a week. Be sure to try it out before it goes away.