Few fields carry as much opportunity these days for fresh, energetic new talent as web development. But hiring managers will tell you that the way to tell WHICH fresh, new talents can actually do the job often come down to a few key elements — like certification.

Certified web developers have black & white proof that they've mastered skills companies are looking for to build their online brands. That certificate is a seal of approval – and right now, you can earn that certification once you've completed the Become a Certified Web Developer course bundle, now jusDeveloper-bundlet $39 – 98% off – in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

In 25 hours of expert-led, up-to-the-minute instruction, you'll learn:

  • Advanced JavaScript Development:  Utilize all the features of the powerful JavaScript language to create dynamic, next-level website and app experiences.
  • CSS Development:  CSS offers an organizational foundation from which all web development can spring to life…so understand style texts, lists, sprite sheets, transformations and more now.
  • GitHub Fundamentals:  GitHub is the web construction environment that'll keep all your code straight and help your creativity soar. Learn about this versatile open-source tool.
  • Ajax Development:  With Ajax, you'll strip all the junk from your code, leaving you with streamlined, blazing-fast code that'll have your apps performing at maximum efficiency.
  • Become a Certified Web Developer:  Put all your new-found talents to the test…use dozens of code examples to study and experiment as you command the skills to build a website from the ground up. At the end, you'll receive instructor-signed certification of your web mastery.

All together, these courses would usually cost almost $3,000 — so grabbing this instruction bundle for only $39 is a pretty major steal. Get the training that'll lead to certification and increased hireability now.