Virtual Reality, Unity, 3D Game Developer Bundle

Video game design is the IT professional’s version of working in the toy department.  Sure, system administration and network infrastructure and security concerns are critical. But show me one coding-capable programmer who wouldn’t rather be building all the sights and sounds of an alien world…or making the jaws of a T-Rex snap with just the right balance of fury and menace?

 If your dream life is designing the amazing gaming worlds you see in your head each day, then you couldn’t find a better way to get started than with the Virtual Reality, Unity & 3D Game Developer Bundle, a three-course meal of game-centric learning now available for only $24.99 – 94% off – in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

Across the three courses and more than 107 hours of instruction, you’ll build the foundation to start a real career in game design, utilizing three of the most critical programs and platforms industry veterans must master.

 You’ll learn:

  • Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer:  The Unity game engine is the environment designers use to create all the hottest games on store shelves today.  You’ll understand why Unity is so powerful as you use object-oriented, minimal code programming concepts to build eight real-world games in Unity, utilizing all the unique features of the platform that you can later apply to your own original game builds.
  • Virtual Reality Designer – Understanding VR & Creating Apps: With virtual reality only in its infancy, VR remains the gaming world’s undiscovered country.  Be one of the VR trailblazers with this course, designed to not only give you an overview of virtual reality fundamentals, but bring in Unity techniques as well as the advantages of the Google Cardboard platform to create your own working VR game from scratch.
  • Learn 3D Modeling – The Complete Blender Creator Course:  3D modeling is equal parts technical expertise and true artistry.  Learn how these two fields intersect with this course, using the Blender program to create, move, rotate, resize, duplicate and merge beautiful 3D models for video games, art pieces and more.

All three courses are taught by noted game development instructor Ben Tristem, offering a cohesive scope of study that’ll tie together everything you learn into a useable – and marketable – new skill set.

This course bundle would normally cost almost $500, so score it now at 94% off.  

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