Cisco Network Certification Prep Bundle

If you would like to add to your skills once the turkey has all gone, the Cisco Network Certification Prep Bundle is currently under $51 with the 25% discount code CYBERMONDAY25. It applies on all e-learning courses at TechnoBuffalo Deals during Cyber Monday.

This particular bundle is designed to set you up for two industry-recognized exams — for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Professional (CCNP) certification. It is split into two courses, with the first focusing on all the standard protocols you are likely to encounter, plus tuition on troubleshooting IPv4 and IPv6. You can also get to grips with LAN, and set up a VPN. The second course builds on this knowledge, and how you can apply it in a professional environment. Some lessons are dedicated to Cisco IP routing and switching, while others look at BGP and VTP. It is over $1000-worth of instruction in total, and you get a whole year to take each course.

Grab the bundle now and use the code above to save an extra 25%, or check out the other deals in the Cyber Monday blowout.