Final Fantasy XV’s ongoing love affair with Cup Noodle is the stuff of legends. Normally we chide in-game advertising, but because Gladio’s speech about how much he loves it has absolutely zero subtlety, we can’t help but just enjoy how large of a wink the game is giving us. It’s engrained deeply into the lore of Final Fantasy XV so much that it simply can’t be separated.

I’ll never get sick of that. And neither will Square Enix, apparently, who is taking this relationship to the point of being awkward and obsessional. According to Cup Noodle’s parent company, Nissin, you can get this special DLC, which started off as a parody trailer, through buying the special Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection.

This isn’t a DLC bundle, but rather, a bundle of 15 Cup Noodles that each have a different boss character printed on the side. The DLC code will be inside, and it will set fans back 6,084 yen, or roughly $52!

Yeah, that’s a lot of money for dehydrated noodles and a joke DLC

But just imagine… seeing that shrimp flying around as Noctis summons up the Armiger… amazing.