Transistor is a wonderful, sci-fi, cyberpunk RPG with a fantastic soundtrack and compelling set of combat mechanics. It’s a divine game, and it’s already out on the PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 platforms.

Now, surprise, it’s released for iOS. Playable on both the iPhone and iPad, Transistor has gone mobile. This didn’t come with any sort of press release or word from developer Supergiant Games, so we’re not sure if it’s also bound for Android. A quick Google Play search yields no results, unfortunately, so the current stance is “no.”

Transistor is selling for $9.99 on iOS. That’s 10 bucks cheaper than the likes of Steam, GOG and the PlayStation Store. However, you’re also losing controller play in favor of touchscreen gaming, and I’m not sure how I feel about that for this game.

Either way, Transistor is a beautiful title. If you game on your smartphone or iPad primarily, you might want to give this a shot. $10 is a bit steep in a world of freebies and 99 cent offerings, but it’s worth it.