You still can’t actually buy an Apple Watch, but high-profile ads for the wearable device are already rolling out. This week, the Cupertino-designed smartwatch graced the pages of Vogue, revealing a bit more about the new gadget.

The new print ad actually shows the Apple Watch in its true dimensions, potentially revealing exactly how big the screen will be. Apple’s previously only listed the watch sizes as 42mm and 38mm. The image above appears to show the smaller of those two variants.

Additionally, Apple is rolling out a video ad as part of Vogue’s digital issue. The short clip resembles the intro video we saw back in Sept., though it’s been tweaked slightly. 9to5Mac has also uploaded a quick recording of the commercial, which you can watch below.

The Apple Watch is set to ship in April, though we’re expecting another big event from the Cupertino company before then. Apple still has a lot more info to share, particularly when it comes to prices for the more expensive smartwatch models. The cheapest version, called the Apple Watch Sport, will start at $350, but higher-end versions could easily go for thousands of dollars.