Rumors claim Apple’s iPhone 8 will take inspiration from the original iPhone’s “water drop” design. Now, a new concept from Martin Hajek reveals what said device may look like.

The retro concept brings back the familiar two-tone design, which looks gorgeous in a flatter, more svelte package. Of course, the old design was like that due to engineering limitations—companies are much better about hiding antennas—so it’s unlikely we’ll see that again.

There have been rumors about Apple adopting an all-glass design to accommodate wireless charging, so the iPhone 8 will probably look more like a Galaxy S8, and not an original iPhone. Hajek’s concept also imagines what an iPhone would look like with minimal bezel, which I’m comfortable saying every iPhone fan is looking forward to.

I doubt the iPhone 8’s lack of bezels will be as extreme as the concept suggests, but it’s still fun to imagine.

Check out this other retro design

Maybe it’s the time of year but there has been an noticeable uptick in nostalgia for Apple’s past. In addition to the concept you see above, a retro edition of the iPhone 7 Plus recently popped up that got a lot of people talking.

If Apple sticks to its usual schedule and unveils a new iPhone this fall, we should start seeing leaked hardware very soon. For now, let’s admire the work of Hajek and pine over what a retro iPhone would look like if Apple decided to release one.