Apple’s iOS 8 notification center is great in theory, but in practice its a sprawling jumble that I prefer to avoid. It doesn’t have to be this bad though, and a new concept design from Mobile Creative in Stockholm imagines a notification center we wouldn’t mind using. The video (embedded below) doesn’t specifically mention iOS 9 by name, though it’s implied the artist thinks Apple should switch things up in its next major release.

The biggest change is visual. Instead of listing every single notification in an endless list, iOS 9 could group them by app. Each app gets a single colored row, and tapping it expands to show the most recent notification. From there you can respond quickly with a few extra taps, or swipe left and right to view more notifications. It looks pretty awesome, borrowing ideas from both iOS and Android with a design that’s still true to Apple’s aesthetic.

According to one recent report, iOS 9 will mostly focus on fixing bugs and increasing general stability. We’re still expecting a few new features, and it makes sense that Apple could use the opportunity to clean up its design and user interface as well. The current notification center is ripe for a redesign, and hopefully the result is something like this.