There’s been a lot of talk about Apple releasing a larger iPhone in 2018, one with a screen that breaks the 6-inch barrier. But what if the company introduced a smaller device with the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display? I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Curved designed a concept that images what Apple’s lineup could look like next year with an iPhone that ranges from big to medium to small. As for the smaller iPhone, it pretty much looks like an iPhone 5 with a dual-camera setup, two-tone aluminum and glass design, and a screen that stretches from one edge to the other.

Although the body is small, Apple could potentially use a screen that’s around 4.7 inches, similar to what’s offered by the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. That would be a tiny phone with a pretty big screen. Which isn’t a bad thing—the iPhone 5 is a great size, and with an emphasis on gesture navigation, one-handed use would be even easier.

Of course, the smaller version of the iPhone X would miss out on a few things. The most obvious is screen real estate. But because of the aluminum design, it wouldn’t support wireless charging, which is quickly becoming a must-have feature for consumers.

On the flip side, the device could be cheaper than the iPhone X, and provide respite for folks who aren’t willing to shell out $999 on a smartphone.

It’s very unlikely Apple would ever release a smaller iPhone X, especially one that looks like the iPhone 5. But we can still dream.