Brazilian indie studio Swordtales is making its grand debut with a gorgeous action adventure called Toren. This ICO inspired game stars a young woman as she climbs to the top of a mysterious tower, encountering dragons and other perils along the way.

The game has officially been dated for the PlayStation 4 and PC in two weeks time on May 12. Swordtales describes its game in the announcement.

• A Journey of Learning & Fulfilment – As the story progresses your character will age from a mere infant to grown woman creating new mechanics and challenges for each learning experience and phase of her life. In addition, the Tree of Life within the tower grows as she does, providing access to new areas to explore and new items to find.

• Poetry brought to Life – Toren features dark fantasy storytelling in a universe filled with symbolism. The mysterious, fantastical atmosphere is conveyed through an award-winning art design and original score. As your journey unfolds you will discover scrolls of poetry, which reveal the story and true origins behind Toren and aids the Moonchild in discovering her purpose.

• Rich Puzzle Solving – Every stage of the game features new and progressively more deadly challenges for the player: solving environmental puzzles, how avoid and survive attacks from dangerous creatures, and eventually defeating the end boss.

Looks pretty solid. Be sure to toss this onto your summer backlog and give it a shot during the empty months. You’ll want to take your time with it. Toren will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC on May 12.