We've been slowly making our way through the Beats lineup, and today we have the Studio Wireless for your entertainment (or resentment). The brand is one of the most polarizing in the industry, often criticized for over-hyping and under-delivering. What we've found is that, even though they're not the best out there, Beats headphones aren't half-bad, if a little expensive. So how does Beats' top of the line head cans hold up?

Let's just get this out of the way: the Beats Studio Wireless are a whopping $379.95. That's more expensive than gaming consoles, phones and even tablets. In other words, way too expensive for most people, especially if you're just a casual music fan. So what does almost $400 headphones get you? Besides a sleek design, quite a bit actually.

Unlike most Beats headphones, the Studio Wireless are actually fairly inconspicuous, particularly in the matte black color. The ear cushions are very comfortable, and don't make your ears sweaty after extended use, while the cushion on the headband also makes for a comfortable listening experience. And that's important when you have headphones on for hours and hours throughout the day.

The Studio Wireless come with built-in rechargeable batteries that Beats promises will last for 12 hours wireless, and 20 hours if you do decide to plug in. More than enough to get you through a busy and hectic workday. At the bottom there's also a series of LED indicators so you know how much charge you have left. Handy and convenient. If matte black isn't your thing, you'll also find several other colors, including white, blue red, grey and a slick gold color with white accents/ If you want to stand out, that's the color to get.

In addition to its looks, Beats promises that the Studio Wireless are the strongest in its lineup. Through normal office wear and tear, they've held up admirably, and others have praised the durability of these headphones. They still come with the patented foldable design, so you'll be able to put them in the included carrying case when traveling.

On the left ear cup Beats include mic and controls, giving you control over playback and hands-free calling. It's easy to use, and seamlessly integrated. Maybe too seamless, actually, because you almost don't realize controls are there just by looking at them. Not a bad thing—there's also a cable included that allows users to control playback.

Again, the Studio Wireless aren't the cheapest cans on the market, but they offer quite a bit, and battery life is pretty stellar. To hear more thoughts, check out Jon's video review above.