Last month, Apple's Beats division released a fresh new pair of ear cans, the Solo2 Wireless, for $299.95. Essentially the already-popular Solo2—just, you know, a wireless version—the new headphones unshackle wearers, as Beats commercials would have you believe, from the foibles of wired headphone life. As someone who sits at a desk all day, I never really thought wireless headphones were necessary; they make sense for someone who is constantly moving around. But since I just sit there in the same spot, day after day, I never really saw the merit of wireless alternatives.

And then I tried a pair. It really does make a difference. Jon feels the same way.

Neither Jon or I are audiophiles—we simply want crisp audio quality. The Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones provide exactly that. With a simple Bluetooth connection, the headphones have an excellent range of up to 30 feet, which should give you ample room to wander around a house or apartment without degraded sound. When connected to a computer with wires, this simply wouldn't be possible. But being able to wander around isn't even the best part.

What I've found so freeing about using wired headphones is that I'm not constantly moving cords out of my way, or accidentally pulling it out from its connection. Before, I'd often snag the wire on my chair and mess up my whole desk setup, which can become frustrating after the fifth time.

Without many competitors to judge them against, the Solo2 Wireless headphones sound great, and they're incredibly comfortable, even after extended use. Comfortability is one of the most important things when deciding between a pair of headphones, and these definitely pass the test. They also look great, particularly in the bright red (a Verizon exclusive).

The Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones promise about 12 hours of usage on a single charge, which should be more than enough for your commute or work day. Without pesky wires constantly getting in your way, the Solo2 Wireless edition are a solid investment. Check out the video to hear Jon's full thoughts.