Apple recently updated the Beats Music FAQ confirming that the service will shut down on November 30. The music service first launched on Android, iOS and the Web in January of 2014, before Apple swooped in and acquired the company.

Beats Music has since been replaced by the Apple Music service, which is compelling but doesn’t offer some of the more unique features of the original Beats Music. One feature I’ll miss was called “The Sentence,” which allowed you to pick the type of music you wanted to hear based on mood, environment and more.

Apple says current Beats Music users should move all of their music and preferences over to Apple Music now, and that subscriptions will be cancelled soon. It highlights its curated music selection, 24/7 Beats One Radio and “Connect” features as some of the more compelling experiences of the Apple Music platform. Hit the source to read Apple’s note, and be sure to move your playlists before they’re all lost.