Google recently released its Chromecast SDK, which means Android developers now have the tools available to add in support for the wireless streaming dongle. Now we're already starting to hear about new apps that are going to offer the ability to stream content to the Chromecast.

Engadget recently learned from Rdio that the company is "already working on developing support" for the platform. Meanwhile, Beats Music, which launched only recently, is already working on a similar solution. "We're working with Google to add Chromecast," the company said on Twitter in response to a query from one customer. Those sorts of responses should push competitors to move forward on support. Spotify has been sitting quiet on the sidelines, and recently told GigaOm that it's discussing the possibility of adding in Chromecast functions, but that so far there are no real concrete plans to do so.

Spotify's tone may change once Rdio and Beats Music add in the option. The streaming music space is so crowded right now that adding in any differentiation could really help attract new customers, or woo them away from competitors. Personally, I'm still bouncing around between Google Play Music All Access, Spotify and Xbox Music. No, I'm not really sure why I have so many subscriptions.