It seems that the massive Guerilla style marketing campaign launched by Beats by Dre at the Olympics just might be paying off.

As we reported last week, Beats by Dre tried some old-fashioned Guerilla style marketing at the London 2012 games by sending headphones to the athletes.  While the Great Britain team banned the Beats headphones, other teams just turned a blind-eye to the headsets, and it seemed like you couldn't turn on any event without seeing them crop up at some point.  Could the ever-present "b" logo on the games really drum up any additional sales?

According to U.K. retail chain John Lewis, it did indeed.

Speaking with the press, Robert Hennessy, Audio and Imaging Buyer at John Lewis, said, "Music often plays a big part in sports – whether you're a first time runner needing some musical motivation, or, as we've seen over the past couple of weeks, an athlete who needs to get pumped up before they compete in front of the world." He went on to add, "Sports fever has gripped the nation, and as a result there is a huge demand for headphones, in particular Beats and our sports ranges."  According to Pocket-Lint, sales of sports headphones have jumped by 42 percent, while general headphone sales have seen a 19 percent gain.  The big winner has been Beat by Dre, though, which has reportedly seen a 116 percent increase in sales at the retail chain.

While its easy to say the Olympics have just inspired people to get more physically fit, and there is no better way than being motivated by music or listening to podcasts as you do so, that large of an increase in one brand has to be tied to something.  True, this is just one retailer, but you do have to wonder if a similar scenario is playing out elsewhere.

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