A hilarious new video has been making the rounds that suggests a woman was being chased by a bear while she was snowboarding. Yeah, you read that right.

Snowboarder Kelly Murphy recently published the clip to YouTube with the title: “Snowboarder Girl Chased by Bear – I was Singing Rihanna Work and Didn’t Know it was Behind Me!”

The quick 1:17 clip shows Kelly singing briefly before she starts heading down the slopes on her board when, suddenly, the viewer starts to hear growls coming from the background. We see a few glimpses of a bear running behind Kelly as she continues on down the slop, totally oblivious to the bear chasing her. Then the clip ends, suggesting that Kelly never knew about the bear until she went back to view the footage later.

But the bear looks fake, like CGI added in by an amateur graphics design student. And it probably was, because another video in Kelly Murphy’s collection titles “Backcountry Snowboarding Japan!!! Woohoo!” is the same clip… minus the bear.