Accidents are never predictable, which is why finding yourself in one after dark can be especially dangerous. In low-light emergencies, having a flashlight handy can be a godsend. The UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight is a must-have, and it's available from the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store now for $17.99.

Whether you find yourself in an emergency at night or just a thrill-seeker on a night-time adventure, this ultra-durable flashlight will help you find your way home. With the power of 500 lumens and an adjustable zoom, you can get visibility for up to a mile.

You can also adjust the flashlight to bright, low, and SOS modes, making this flashlight versatile for any situation. Plus it has a wide working voltage that gives it a long-lasting battery life — perfect for long stays in an emergency kit.

TechnoBuffalo is offering a 2-pack of the UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight for just $14.99, more than 80% off the original price of $100.