When I am not immersed in tech, I must say I like a good cop show. I can remember the days when my mom made me watch Hill Street Blues and the addiction just kind of continued from there: LA Law, NYPD Blue, all the CSI shows, well not so much CSI: New York, I think Gary Sinise is a terrible actor. Anyway, I love all the detective work and “who dun it” aspects of those shows. With all the Hollywood infusions into these cop shows I have yet to see what British Police are implementing to track and catch criminals.

ford-galaxy-policeIn the new training procedures, British detectives will learn self defense, shooting skills and good old fashioned detective work with a bit of new age technology thrown into the mix. The training for the 3,500 new detectives will now include instruction on how to track criminals on micro blogging sites Twitter and Facebook, both of which are enormously popular in the UK.

A spokesperson for the police department said on the condition of anonymity; “It’s a way of tracking down criminals, finding the sort of groups their a member of or the people they have contacted.”

I had never really considered these social media sites to be a way of tracking down criminals, although I guess I should have, considering I recently posted a piece on how some Police Departments here in the States are using Twitter to inform the public about potential dangers or police activity.

The new training will start in January of 2011 and will include all sorts of tips for detectives on using technology to catch the bad guys. So if you plan on committing any crimes in York or Leeds next year (of course we jest) make sure you don’t brag about it to your Twitter followers otherwise you may be re-tweeting from the big house so “Be careful out there.”