Just 24 hours after BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) launched for iOS and Android, BlackBerry noted that more than 10 million people had signed up to use the once dominating messaging service. The company provided an update on Tuesday, one week since launch, and said that it's now recognizing more than 20 million new BBM users, pushing its monthly active BBM user count above 80 million people.

The company also recognized BBM's quick climb to the top of the Google Play app store in more than 35 countries, despite fishy and overly-positive reviews, and said that it has since removed the wait line for new users looking to join the service.

BlackBerry hinted that new features are coming soon "We still have a few more tricks up our sleeves and I will look to share more with you as we bring new features to BBM in the coming months," BlackBerry's Andrew Bocking said in a blog post. We're curious if the new features, such as possible video chat or screen sharing, will be free or if they'll require in-app purchases. Hopefully it's the former.