BBM for Android and iOS was released yesterday, and it's already the top free application for iOS devices. Despite its presence on the iTunes charts, BBM for Android has yet to even crack the top 20 free apps on that platform. Just 24 hours after it was released for both operating systems, however, BlackBerry announced that the chat client had already been downloaded 10 million times.

In an effort to keep its servers up, BlackBerry is rolling out the software to batches of people at a time. Anyone who is interested in downloading BBM for iOS or Android can visit the company's site and sign up with an email address. BlackBerry will then alert you when it's your turn to download BBM.

There was a lot of skepticism as to whether or not BBM could compete with existing services, such as Kik, WhatsApp and even iMessage, though it's definitely off to a nice start. We brought you a hands-on yesterday, so if you haven't downloaded it yourself yet be sure to check out our video for more information.