BBM for Android and iOS is expected to launch this month, and today we have our first look at the messaging app in a new video. The YouTube video, which shows BBM running in beta on an HTC First handset, was originally shared on BlackBerryOS, and has since been removed from the site at BlackBerry’s request.

The current version of BBM is still missing a few key features, but already lets you send messages as well as video and audio attachments. The Android version will also make use of NFC, letting users add contacts by tapping their phones together. The app’s design is extremely similar to BlackBerry 10, down to its classic notification sound.

Last week, BlackBerry launched a landing page for the BBM app, signaling that the service would arrive on Android and iOS in the very near future. The company has also promised to roll out its messaging service this summer, and appears on track to hit this target. The only question left is whether users will flock to BBM or ignore it.