For more than three years now, fans of BBC (British Broadcasting Company) programming here in the United States have been taunted with the knowledge of a streaming video on demand service of this company’s quality programs in the home country of England. BBC’s iPlayer has become a popular way for people to catch up with programming for up to seven days until after it airs, meaning that people were no longer tied to their TVs or even their DVRs. American’s have wanted access to this, but it didn’t seem like it would ever happen … until now.


PaidContent is reporting that sometime in the middle of 2011 we can expect to see an iPad app of iPlayer released here in the United States. The service will be subscription-only when it arrives, but at least it will be something towards filling the void of not enough BBC content for fans of it (myself included).

The one mistake I think everyone is making in their analysis of this announcement is that they think it will be an exact copy of the British service, meaning we will be able to access every current BBC television and radio show.  While that would be a dream come true for fans, I just don’t think that’s how this is going to play out.  There would still be a ton of licensing hurdles to overcome that would prevent a lot of that content to be shown here.  My suspicion is that this will be focused around the content BBC America airs, and not a whole lot else.  You might get some classic comedies that have aired here and no longer do like My Family, Father Ted and so on, but I highly doubt you will be watching the newest episode of The East Enders as soon as it airs in England.

Hopefully I’m wrong on this, but knowing how TV licensing usually works, I think I’ll end up being pretty spot on.

What say you?  Any interest in watching the BBC on your iPad?