Bayonetta’s surprise launch on Steam yesterday caught the world off guard. We’re still reeling from the greatness of PlatinumGames’ NieR: Automata, but now we have the chance to play the game that really got its name out there all over again. Bayonetta breathed some much-needed life into the action genre back in 2009…

…and in 2017, it does so all over again with an absolutely stunning port that capitalizes in every way with the PC with a platform. Take heed, publishers! This is how you port a console favorite onto Steam!

The folks over at Digital Foundry ran their usual tests and found it to be nothing short of amazing on the performance front. The game runs at a perfect 60 frames per second at 1080p and even full-fledged 4K resolution, and it rarely falters even during its most intense action scenes. Thanks to its age, being a 2009 game, enthusiasts don’t even need a high-end PC to see it running at its absolute best.

In fact, the only complaint that they have about the performance is that it maxes out at 60fps and can’t exceed that for PCs that would be able to. That would make this the game’s definitive edition… unless you really need to see Bayonetta with fox ears.

How about putting this port on the PlayStation 4?

As we pile on the love for this PC port, let’s not forget that Bayonetta isn’t free from all criticisms in regards to ports. Back in 2012, Platinum Games and SEGA properly hyped the Xbox 360 version as the main build, and woo boy does it show! PlayStation 3 players received a port that barely holds up to the standards set by the Xbox 360. Muddy textures, frame rate drops… it’s safe to say that the PlayStation 3 crowd might not appreciate it as well as the Xbox 360 crowd.

Now is the time to fix that! If this port is so great, let’s see how it holds up on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio. Give the PlayStation owners another chance to properly appreciate the game.