If you’ve been plugging away at the newly-released Bayonetta on PC, you might’ve noticed an update this week. It didn’t take long, though, because the whole update is a whopping 22KB. Some curious users dug around in the game folders and found something that seems to point pretty obviously to Vaniqush, also developed by Platinum Games, getting a release on PC sometime in the near future.

Users on Steam and NeoGAF forums found a small file in Bayonetta‘s extras folder including an avatar of Vanquish protagonist Sam Gideon.

With Bayonetta having released successfully on PC, the idea that Sega and Platinum would want to repeat that success isn’t exactly a far out idea, and this seems to be a move similar to the way they teased the release of Bayonetta itself. April Fools’ Day saw an 8-bit downgrade of the hair-wielding witch hit Steam as a free release, and the achievements for that mini-game pointed toward a countdown page.

They knew what they were doing

Sega has to know Platinum fans, a devoted group to be sure, are now on the lookout for every secret they can find that might point to more Platinum-developed games seeing the light of day on PC.

In other words, a PC release seems likely.

The 2010 game, which released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is one of Platinum’s older games at this point. It took a simple idea and made an entire game out of it: that moment in an action movie when the protagonist does a sliding kneel and, in slow motion, takes down every enemy around him. That’s the whole idea behind the game, and somehow it actually kind of worked. Vanquish is far from perfect, but it’s definitely fun. If Sega can give it the same treatment they gave Bayonetta, we’ll have an excellently-ported and great-looking game on our hands.