Bayonetta is world famous for her sultry looks and kinky attitude, but her inclusion in Super Smash Bros. came with the price of a huge headache for Nintendo. No, the famous heroine didn’t jab her high-heels into anyone’s cranium… she nearly forced Japan’s ratings board to alter the fighting game’s status.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Director Masahiro Sakurai reflected on how the company needed to leap through a few hoops to keeps the game’s “A for all ages” rating. Her sexuality sparked a bit of a discussion, but ultimately it remained the same. Sakurai also states that Bayonetta was chosen as a character because she racked up over 2 million votes in the fan poll.

Other tidbits from the interview include Cloud being overpowered in most phases of the game and Sakurai finally fessing up about Super Smash Bros. having one too many Fire Emblem characters. Ya think?! The addition of Corin, from the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates, was hotly debated among the staff, but was ultimately chosen to capitalize on the popularity of the game.

All these Fire Emblem characters… and Lyn is skill just a support trophy! Come on, Sakurai! She’s the best!

Lyn Fire Emblem