Sega teased us on April Fools’ Day with an 8-bit downgrade of Platinum Games’ action classic Bayonetta, but hid links to a countdown page in the mini-game’s achievements. Well, the countdown is over, and it’s official: Bayonetta is now available on PC via Steam.

The port features 4K support and tons of advanced graphics options, and analyses of the port are coming back pretty positive. Eurogamer‘s Digital Foundry has come away with a glowing review of the port, while PC Gamer‘s analysis calls this port the “definitive version” of the game despite a couple small quirks. Bayonetta locks at a maximum 60 fps, but is managing to hold that steadily even on older rigs.

The game is priced at a perfectly-fair $19.99 right now, and if you pick it up before April 25, it comes with some extras – a five-song soundtrack sampler, a digital artbook, and some exclusive wallpapers and avatars – free of charge.

This is how you remaster a game

I recently wrote about Gearbox’s bizarre handling of the excellently weird Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Despite being technically solid and looking great, they paired the game with weird extras at a massive price tag. Sega, on the other handis asking for a totally reasonable price for a release like this and offering free extras on top of that.

Even better, this game seems to be an exception in a world of bad PC ports. Platinum’s own games have been subject to some pretty ugly stuff, including the recently-released and otherwise-excellent Nier: Automata. An unlocked framerate would be ideal, but a consistent, even, and smooth framerate is ideal, and that appears to be what Bayonetta is delivering.

There’s no word yet on whether Bayonetta 2, previously exclusive to Wii U, will follow suit, or whether this high-definition remaster will make their way to consoles as well.