The Umbra Witch might be a bit too much for the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene, according to gamers in Spain. Bayonetta is strong, there’s no doubt about that. She’s even been nerfed a touch in patches, but fans who use her well have found that it’s still possible to overwhelm others once chains are mastered.

Spanish competitive players are currently engaged in a large discussion to see Bayonetta banned from play. The ban hasn’t been made official, but prominent members of the community, including two good players who main with Bayonetta, are pushing for the decision.

The official Smash Bros. community in Spain’s site will have the real ruling in a few days. They’ve told fans on Twitter that they don’t want to make any rash decisions, something the level-headed among us will appreciate.

The potential ban is being discussed in the Smash subreddit at length. It’s there that one Spanish “top player” has indicated that they believe the ban is “as good as official.” That’s Redditor Grewardz, and they explain the reason the Spanish community wants Bayo banished.

So yeah, most of our community wants she gone since she’s basically extremely toxic and overpowered, the latter not being so obvious to people who aren’t top players. We realized that the character is too good to compete against the others and the soft ban that is working in the USA atm is not working here (top players know that she’s gamebreaking and thus avoid playing her since it would kill the game), so we’re going for the hard ban route.

If she’s notably nerfed in the future we may allow her again, but as of now she is going to be banned from everything and treated as if she didn’t exist basically. This game is a masterpiece for competitive with her gone.

If she’s nerfed, bring her back. Until then, keep her away.

What do you think about all of this?