Broyonetta. Would you play that game? I would, absolutely.

In an interview with Source Gaming, developer Atsushi Inaba from Platinum Games talked about the possibility of changing the protagonist for the next Bayonetta. Of course, assuming that there will be another Bayonetta, which is something the studio is apparently discussing internally.

Here’s Inaba when asked if Platinum would surprise fans with a new protagonist in Bayonetta 3.

Maybe there would be a male Bayonetta! (laughs). I would like to make Bayonetta 3. We’re talking within the company even now about what to do. But because we’re constantly talking about it, that actually makes it really hard to say. If we weren’t talking about it, we could just say something random or offhand, you know, but because we’re actually talking about it…Of course, that’s just something that you talk about when you’re making a series – do you want to keep the same protagonist? There’s plenty of precedent for changing protagonists, and so that is something we discuss – do we want to keep the same one, have a different one, add new ones – but that’s certainly not anything I can say for sure at this point.

A male Bayonetta? Sure, why not?

I imagine some of you gamers out there might be trying your first Platinum Games title right now with Vanquish recently sliding onto PC. If that’s the case, then you know. Platinum has no problem doing absolutely bonkers stuff.

A male with the Bayonetta style is completely in their wheelhouse.

I just hope another game in the series gets made. I adore the first two.