When Bayonetta 2 drops for the Wii U this fall, players will be able to dress the witch in Nintendo-centric costumes. Today’s trailer features that bit of in-game cosplay for the title.

As you’ll be able to see in the clip above, Bayonetta’s abilities actually change with the costumes themselves. This is not just a simple skin over the main character, but rather it’s a full-on swap out for skills and such.

As Link, she has a bow. As Fox, she has Arwing shaped guns and Star Fox themed straps (keychains, basically). As Peach, she can call in a giant Bowser fist.

This game is going to be nuts, man. Really, really nuts. I can’t wait.

Bayonetta 2 will drop on Oct. 24 for the Wii U. It will arrive with a remastered version of the original game as a pack-in.

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