In case you were curious about the critical success surrounding Bayonetta 2, Nintendo has gone the typical route of releasing an accolades trailer for the game now that it’s available to the public on the Wii U.

The trailer is great in terms of clips, but it only pulls quotes from one or two reviews. That seems odd to me, given that almost every outlet gushed about this game when the embargo lifted. There were only a few places online that weren’t satisfied with the affair, so the low count of quotables is weird in my book.

If you’re looking for more thoughts regarding the action game from the now definitely brilliant Platinum Games, you can read our own Bayonetta 2 review. We don’t do the numerical score thing anymore, but Ron absolutely loved this game.

I’m dying for the holiday to slow down so I can pick it up and play for fun. That’ll come someday soon, I suppose.

Have you picked up Bayonetta 2 yet? What do you think so far?

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