Battlezone is a PlayStation VR exclusive that should feel at home for lovers of arcade games, tank battles and the 80s neon aesthetic. Indeed, the virtual reality viewpoint ups the ante and fun for a game that might otherwise dip under the radar as a minor yet enjoyable downloadable affair.

With VR, though, Battlezone moves from a possibly okay game to a fast and wonderful experience. Controlling the tank happens entirely on the DualShock 4, including aiming. That means your headset is simply your vantage point. Looking around the neon speaker world on virtual reality is a treat, and I routinely took quick breaks in combat to glance around.

The cool look also applies to the inside of the tank, which is covered in screens and HUDs of interest. Text on these screens feel in and out of focus, but it was a great effect all the same.

The tank combat felt tight and arcade-like, something that was absolutely intentional as even the main menu prompts users to “insert coin” by pressing X.

I walked away from Battlezone excited. Is this going to be a jaw-dropping experience in VR? No, but it takes a game style we’re rather used to and throws it into virtual reality. That alone makes this cool.

Battlezone will launch for the PlayStation 4 as a PSVR title at launch in October.