To go forward, you sometimes have to go back. After years of flagging and lagging future-war games, Activision and Electronic Arts spent the last couple years going back into history. EA took the Battlefield series all the way back to the first World War with Battlefield 1. The forward march begins again with the next game in the series. According to GamesBeat, sources close to Electronic Arts say the next title will take place during World War II and will be called Battlefield V.

That title seems to simultaneously acknowledge that Battlefield 4 was the highest-numbered game in the series, while also calling back to World War II’s Victory Day.

Here’s a look at the menu for the game during its development process, recently uploaded to Reddit:

The Battlefield series fell on hard times with the third and fourth numbered titles in the series thanks to buggy launches with broken online services. 2016 turned into a coup for developer DICE and publisher EA, though, when they chose to take the series back in time instead of forward, while the Call of Duty series continued traveling further and further into the future and out of gamers’ hearts. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s trailer ended up as one of the most disliked game trailers on YouTube, while the Battlefield 1 trailer was one of the most-frequently liked trailers.

That translated into huge sales for the game. The game passed 25 million players late last year and has seen a steady stream of DLC since its launch in Fall 2016, so it makes sense that they’d want to keep going with historical settings. Rumors had flitted around suggesting that EA would let DICE return to the fan favorite Battlefield: Bad Company series with a game set in the Vietnam War, but it appears that’s not happening. Keep asking.

With this forward march, though, EA – and Activision – are going to have to make some decisions about how far forward to go and how fast to move. When World War II games were popular the first time around, we saw so many of them that players tired of them. Both companies will have to keep refreshing things to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

As IGN notes, EA has already said that we can expect a Battlefield game this year, and that it will be playable during the company’s E3 showcase, so we know the official reveal is going to be within the next few months.