Battlefield Bad Company

EA and Paramount have announced that they are working in collaboration to bring the Battlefield series to the silver screen. If it's not just dudes shooting each other in the face throughout different eras of history though, I am not interested.

Name drops so far include Anonymous Content, the production company behind True Detective, working alongside Spotlight Academy Award winning producer Michael Sugar. Sugar says that he intends to remain faithful to the franchise.

Battlefield has a tremendous built-in, engaged fan base, making it a highly coveted piece of IP primed for long-form adaptation. Together with EA and Paramount TV, we'll develop the Battlefield TV series with the same commitment to robust storytelling that has made the game such a runaway success for nearly 15 years.

Psst, somebody tell Michael Sugar that "robust storytelling" isn't what made the franchise a runaway success. It was the multiplayer section of the game, which doesn't really have all that much story to it. Again, just dudes shooting each other in the face.

No further details were provided on the show, not even a setting or a game that it will follow. I think I speak for everyone in the belief that Bad Company would make the best television series.