The next year looks to be big for Electronic Arts, if their latest investor call is anything to go by.

The next fiscal year, which begins at the end of March, will be packed with some of the publisher’s biggest games. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that in fiscal year 2017, EA expects to launch “a new Battlefield game from EA DICE in time for the holidays,” as well as “a new Titanfall experience.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst hits on May 24, and Mass Effect: Andromeda is still set to launch sometime during fiscal year 2017. The end of this fiscal year is packed, too, with Unravel hitting on February 9, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 on February 23, and EA Sports UFC 2 on March 15.

Right now, EA’s keeping quiet on what we can expect from the games a bit further out. Wilson said that “it’s a little early to talk about Titanfall at this juncture,” and that EA has faith in the team to deliver “a spectacular game.” Whatever the next Titanfall ends up being, I’d expect it to be quite different from its predecessor. I had more fun with Titanfall than I have with probably any other multiplayer shooter, but the AI mechanics were heavily dependent on cloud computing that might be tougher to get working on PlayStation. The game was also harshly criticized for its barely-present single player mode, and it seems like it would be an oversight to skimp on building a full campaign again.

As for Battlefield, it’s impossible to tell where the DICE will go with it. The modern war aesthetic is just about tired out, and their cops and robbers take with Battlefield: Hardline didn’t seem to be the experience people were looking for. They could head for the future like Call of Duty has been, or even look back to the Bad Company games, which have remained fan favorites to this day.

I’d expect that we can look forward to hearing about both of them at EA’s E3 presentation this June.