Battlefield Premium is coming. If the leak that comes by way of Gamers Unity is to be believed, it will cost gamers an extra $50 a year. What will that bring them? Perks, maps, early access, exclusive online content and exclusive in-game content. Does this sound familiar? It should. It’s almost identical to what Activision created with Call of Duty Elite.

While we hesitate to color the details you’ll find below 100% confirmed, but we do know that Battlefield Premium is a real thing. In fact, the Battlefield folks have always confirmed its existence by way of Twitter.

Excitement for #BF3 Premium can’t be contained! More details & info coming to  and this feed June 4th.

Here’s the leaked fact sheet that…can’t be contained.

We assume all of this will be explored further during E3 next week. As more comes, we’ll have it.