In case you missed it, Activision and Infinity Ward revealed the next entry in the Call of Duty series. It’s called Infinite Warfare, and it features some space stuff. The trailer that you see above is the one that served as the reveal, and it is currently getting destroyed by fans on YouTube.

Those fans aren’t the only ones fanning the flames. Developers at DICE have taken to Twitter to ridicule the reveal trailer. Some of the tweets are being deleted, so enjoy these screenshots instead.

DICE dev tweet 1

Pretty vicious, right? Smedberg went on to apologize for it, for what that’s worth.

DICE’s Julian Manolov wants to know where the gameplay is. Hey, me too.

DICE dev tweet 2

There’s that saying about how people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones that applies quite well here. Battlefield is, no doubt, a strong franchise. However, games like Hardline and the abysmal campaigns for the main titles have definitely dulled the once gorgeous image.

Do these devs really have any right to go after Call of Duty? I’m not sure.

What do you think of this here drama llama?