Some disgruntled fans might complain that Battlefield 4 has caused EA's premiere shooter series to jump the shark because of bugs and server issues. Developer DICE has responded accordingly by actually adding a jumping Megalodon shark into the deep waters of its latest Naval Strike DLC package, and dedicated players have figured out how to make it appear.

YouTube user jackfrags has posted a video of the giant beast breaching the water and crushing him and his opponents to death. Maybe it's the beast simply using his weight to splatter the players below or it's the shark magnificently exploding when coming into contact with the water again. We can't tell.

Players can activate the shark by dropping a bomb on a certain location of the map. Rumors of the shark emerged when screenshots and audio files from the game were posted on Reddit, along with other files like a T-Rex roar.

Readers might know that I am no fan of the Battlefield or any of these modern warfare style games, but it's the little things like these which tempt me into ponying up the money just to play for a total of five minutes before never putting the disc in my machine again. Easter Eggs are the most expensive bursts of joy in video games.