Each Battlefield 3 DLC pack will be centered around a single combat theme. The first pack, Close Quarters, will involve battle and strategy in tight, destructible locales. The video at the head of this post provides a look at the intense fighting we'll have a chance to experience in the coming months.

Here's a quick note concerning what you see in the trailer above, as per the clips YouTube description:

Our second gameplay trailer from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters showcases the map Donya Fortress in all its destructive glory. You can also see the new game mode Conquest Domination in action, being a mix of the tactical classic Conquest mode and the instant action gameplay featured on these tight maps.

This Close Quarters pack is currently set to release in June of 2012. As the trailer indicates, PlayStation 3 gamers will have access to the content one week before the rest of the world.

Close Quarters is the first of three planned Battlefield 3 DLC packs for this year. Pricing for the pack has not been announced.

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