Battlefield 3 is being developed specifically with PCs in mind. As more and more information concerning EA and DICE's upcoming shooter hits public eyes, the notion that the lead product is the PC version is one that's absolutely taking center-stage. With this week's release of the video above, gamers caught a glimpse of what a quality gaming rig will make the game look like. While game specs have not been released yet, the footage suggests that it will take more than a console to run Battlefield 3 smoothly.

DICE Art Director Gustav Tilleby spoke with NowGamer about the trailer itself and exactly how those graphics would translate to consoles. Turns out, for people without amazing PCs, there's some good news.

"The positive thing is that the new rendering technique allows us to do more complex calculations at no extra cost…That's the magic. The game will look very good, even on 360…"

Tilleby meant no ill will by that last remark regarding the 360. Microsoft's console is the weaker when compared to the PS3. Knowing that Frostbite 2.0, the engine behind Battlefield 3, will shine on the Xbox as well as the PC and PS3 is fantastic. Executive Produce Patrick Bach added that their tech will push consoles.

"We knew that people would think that this demo was running on PC, but the good thing is that it's all based on streaming…I can promise you that the console versions will still look amazing because of the core technology. If you have a 360, we want to use that machine to the maximum."

From particle effects to lighting, the lengthy gameplay trailer released by DICE has done a lot to get gamers psyched for the visual presentation behind the latest addition to the Battlefield family. Now console gamers can celebrate just as hard.

We'll have more on Battlefield 3 as it develops.

[via NowGamer]