Welcome to Bizarro World, ladies and germs. Battlefield 3 will feature an in-game server browser on home consoles, but not on the PC platform.

Alan Kertz, DICE‘s Senior Gameplay Designer for Battlefield 3, responded to a Tweet concerning the typically excepted in-game server feature. The question came from user @nforceSC.

Why no in-game servr brwsr on PC,alt tab every time I want to change servers [sic]?

Kertz’ response:

Don’t alt tab, just shut it down. It starts up REAL fast.

What does this mean? PC gamers are used to this major feature nowadays since it’s extremely commonplace. While playing a game on one server, you can actively search for and switch to another server. So, say you hate the players or the next map in the rotation, you can stay in your game while sifting through new, open servers elsewhere. Make your selection and switch without quitting or logging out.

Now, according to DICE’s Alan Kertz, PC gamers will have to log out of the match, quit Battlefield 3 open up Battlelog and find a new game that way.

Console gamers? Yeah, you can use the in-game server browser. We imagine this might cause James Van Der Beek to do a spit take when he’d hear this news.

Is this a game breaking change? Absolutely not. But the PC world is a particular one, and breaking the seamless gaming experiences they’ve paid good money to enjoy goes far to get them riled up. For good reason, the PC gaming community has been the most loyal to the Battlefield franchise since its inception.

More than likely, Kertz is right when he says Battlefield 3 starts up “REAL fast.” There are no splash screens for the title, just a straight boot from Battlelog. What I can’t speak towards, however, is whether or not Origin will have to be opened up in order to access Battlelog.

Game swapping would be nuts at that point.

[via Battlefield 3 Blog]