According to the Battlefield Blog, the goal for DICE with Battlefield 3 is to ensure players "will have as much fun with the game in 2013 as on launch day." Two years worth of extensive unlocks, rewards, achievements and tireless gameplay is a lofty expectation for any game, but DICE and EA think they've come up with a formula capable of accomplishing that feat.

When compared to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 will feature 10 times the items and unlocks as before. The unlocks are "spread over weapons, weapons attachments, gadgets, and a huge unlock tree for vehicles alone."

Players will also be awarded ribbons and stars for their specific skills and prowess. According to the Battlefield Blog, gamers will have rewards for things like reviving downed friendlies, keeping vehicles pristine and playing a certain amount of hours as a specific soldier nationality or class.

While ribbons may sem like a frivolous, pointless perk to victory, dedicated players will love showing off their skills and accomplishments with every kill. Earn enough ribbons and you'll start sporting service stars. Those stars will speak loudly to downed enemies watching their deaths and staring at your kill card.

The idea behind this unlock system is that players will keep playing however they want to play with a constant storm of rewards. If you like a certain gun, you can play that gun for days and days on end as you earn ways to upgrade all of its features. And it's positive reinforcement like all of the stuff mentioned above that will keep gamers salivating for their next kill.

The constant stream of visual and usable rewards is what makes multiplayer gaming more addictive now than ever before. With 10 times the amount of stuff to earn in this game when compared to the last in the Battlefield brand, Battlefield 3 is looking absolutely massive.

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