The second episode in the Fault Line series that EA and DICE have been releasing in order to show off Battlefield 3 is out, on time and as promised by the tail end of the first clip.

In this nearly three minute long trailer, the unit moves from getting shot at in the streets to slowly making their way towards the position of an enemy sniper. The clip showcases a little of the sound design that DICE is so incredibly good at as the sniper fire and bullet ricochet is aurally attractive. I remember the first time I fired a rocket off in the distance in Battlefield 1943 a few years ago; I was completely stunned by the awesome sight and sound of the rocket bursting and the delayed explosion.

Episode two of the Fault Line series also shows even more of the pacing in Battlefield 3. One mentality that's been churning up more and more for first person military shooters is that the action within needs to be nearly constant and intense. Shooters from several years ago packed a stronger sense of pacing.

However, nowadays there's hardly any downtime between running in between points of cover. This clip and the one before it, however, show off a lot of mental pacing between firefights. Players aren't in a constant barrage of bullets, and that works to heighten the realism and tense feel of gameplay. It's almost funny to think that sometimes the best moments in shooters don't involve shooting at all.

This game is being developed using DICE's new Frostbite 2 engine. The team has said that the PC version will be the lead version of the game; but, thanks to the engine itself, the console versions will look "very good."

Battlefield 3 will release for the PC, 360 and PS3. While the release date has not been announced, one could point towards the fall of this year as the most likely window. Expect episode 3 of the Fault Line series on March 30th, 2011.