It's basically part of the human condition, right? You see something higher than your current position and you think, "man, how can I get up there?" We've climbed trees, hills, mountains and flown to the moon based on this odd round of logic.

Of course, it applies to video games in generous portions. You see something in the distance and you think, "can I get on that?" Sometimes, you can. Developers take that line of reasoning into consideration and make everything in their landscape mountable. That tall building in Assassin's Creed? Yes, there's a way to ascend it. The mountain way, way, way off in the distance in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Yup, not only can you walk to it, you can climb it and likely found cool stuff on its peak.

In Battlefield 3, for snipers, ascension is more of an opportunistic feature. It satisfies the human condition of see-thing-must-climb, but it also puts players in positions with better fields of view and range. However, not everything is meant to be conquered. Not every building, spire, mountain or bridge can be climbed.

Until now.

The video above shows off one way a group of Recon squad-mates can make friends with one another and use their MAVs to carry themselves to locations previously unreachable. Sure, it's a glitch and it may soon be patched out; however, for now, if you have the goods unlocked, you know how to put yourselves in awesome positions.

As long as they're not shooting through walls or hovering in mid-air, I'm fine with snipers in prime perches. Want them down? Shoot them with one of your many rockets or fly a jet directly into their faces.

Have any of you folks tried this glitch out yet? Is it the type of thing that ruins the experience for you, or is it just good fun in gaming?

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