"Get That Wire Cut" is the third video in the Fault Line Gameplay Reveal series of Battlefield 3 trailers from the folks at DICE and EA. These videos, each around three minutes in length, have been working towards a full 12 minute reveal set to be released on the internet by April 17th, 2011.

Each video in the series has been centered on specific gameplay actions within the game. The first Battlefield 3 trailer demoed the look, feel, sound and pacing of the project, and the second trailer showed off the quiet, long-range battle between a group of infantrymen and a sniper. This third video showcases the defusing of a bomb, close quarters combat (or CQC) and a large scale firefight.

The CQC segment is definitely the most interesting portion within the roughly three minute clip. CQC in gaming is a tough nut to crack for developers across all gametypes. First person shooters have recently stuck to a traditional melee attack that either quick kills the victim or leads into a pre-orchestrated animation assault. Call of Duty features a simple stab, while Halo: Reach allows players to enter an animation mode to show off the intense brutality of their most recent kill. It looks like Battlefield 3 will execute CQC a lot like it's done in Reach.

Unless, of course, the animations we see as the player enters CQC mode are not canned and actual real-time physical gameplay. That, honestly, would be mind blowing.

Everything DICE and EA have revealed until now has been gorgeous. The title looks stellar on PCs, is said to look great on consoles and is set to ship this fall. Battlefield fans are likely going absolutely bonkers. With each released video, it seems like EA and DICE have built a shooter that will be exceptionally stiff competition for the current genre leader, Call of Duty.

We love competition.