This video is nearly three minutes worth of gameplay footage for Battlefield 3. The footage within is only part of the Alpha build of this game. That's a bit scary.

The clip is a mixed bag of discussion, running, exploration and a brief firefight. This all happens in streets along the Iraqi/Iranian border. One of the first immediately noticeable qualities of Part 1 of this gameplay series is the pure realistic nature of the moments within. This clip seems real; the sound effects, haunting desolation, inability to identify targets and attack out of nowhere all feel true to life. I'm only griping here, but the only thing that tore me out of the experience was the slow motion sniper effect towards the end.

Sound design is one element that I think DICE has delivered absolutely stellar work on. It's a portion of games that's often overlooked by gamers, but one that can completely make or break an experience. The sound design in the most recent Battlefield efforts has actually caused me to sit back and "wow." That says a lot.

This is, of course, gameplay of the PC version of this game. Frostbite 2 rears up and shows us a bit of what it can do. Hopefully, for those among us with less than stellar gaming rigs, the console version will still rock pretty hard. DICE has, however, stated that the PC version of this game is definitely the lead version in development. Who can blame them? The PC market has always been good to Battlefield games, and it could even be argued that the shooter deserves more love there than anywhere else.

The next gameplay clip in this series, as indicated in the video above, will release on March 16th. Check back that day and you'll see the upcoming video here. Until then, just rewind this one and watch it over and over again. You deserve it.