Sony and PlayStation 3 have locked down some timed exclusivity with all of the extra content slated for release within the Battlefield 3 project from DICE and EA. Tommy Rydling, Jr. Product Manager with DICE, announced the exclusive nature of Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation.Blog along with news of the upcoming open beta's window of availability.

Much like Microsoft's exclusive deal with Activision and Call of Duty, Sony has it that the PlayStation 3 will see the Battlefield 3 downloadable content before any other platform. However, while Activision and Microsoft's deal ensures that Xbox 360 users are privy to a full month of exclusivity with bonus content, Sony and EA have only signed the PlayStation 3 to a single week of privilege.

While no one will say the move was a bad acquisition on Sony's part, one has to question the decision to deal out timed exclusivity for any single console. Especially given the fact that DICE has said time and again that the lead platform for this game will be the PC. It appears PC gamers, those probably most invested in the Battlefield brand, will have to wait an extra week in order to see new content.

A week may not seem like too much time to a neutral fan, but to folks that live and breathe games like Battlefield 3, a week means a lot.

That said, this move by Sony will likely deliver their fans a brand new reason to support the PlayStation 3 and its offerings. You can bet that some Internet commenters are already taking to blogs in horde form to pledge their allegiance to Sony, DICE and EA while swear off Activision and Microsoft products forever (likely doing so from their Windows machines).

As for the beta, it was announced this week to be active for all platforms starting on September 29th. Rydling indicated in this news story that PlayStation 3 owners (along with everyone else, we assume) will be able to stay in the beta until October 10th. The Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta will feature the map Operation Métro and the gametype of Rush.

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