Part of the massive and well-deserved praise for what we've seen of Battlefield 3 so far has been the graphical display. The game is gorgeous. The lighting, the particle effects and the visual motion of the game set it up in a class of its own. For gamers with quality PC rigs, Battlefield 3 will find itself resting nicely on their computers.

Console gamers are obviously getting the short end of the graphically stunning stick, however. And, until now, they've been left wondering exactly how much less visually gripping Battlefield 3 will be on their machines. Based on the video evidence of the gameplay above, I'd say that the game is still going to be great looking on home consoles.

But the PC is assuredly the better option if you've got what it takes at home to make the game happen smoothly. DICE and EA have already said that their lead version in development has been the one for the PC, so it makes sense that gamers should buy that one if they can. In speaking with a rep from DICE during E3, I can say that they have been working towards making the console versions of the game look as good as possible.

And I'd say, so far, it's one of the best looking console shooters soon to be available. What do you think?